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I Was Cursed in Connecticut by Kirstyn Lazur

'I was Cursed in Connecticut' is a memoir written by Kirstyn Lazur.
Kirstyn Lazur prepared this memoir for many years and the book is about her life and her pathway.
It's a very touching and personal read.

"At twenty-six, Kirstyn Lazur is numb. Her mother is dead. Desperately looking for answers, she is mysteriously drawn to a psychic shop in New London, Connecticut. There she meets a psychic who says that a powerful family curse has befallen her. After following instructions to remove the curse, Kirstyn is eager to leave the past behind and moves to Los Angeles, California to start anew.
But when she meets a man and falls in love, the curse returns and threatens to destroy them both. Ravaged by physical pain that cannot be addressed through conventional methods, she is forced to do something she promised she would never do again : see a psychic. It is not until Kirstyn uncovers the truth about the curse that she is finally able to set herself free."

I first met Kirstyn in September 2013 in Los Angeles, California. I was studying English to pass my TOEFL accreditation (Test of English as a foreign language) in order to go to LA's Musician Institute.
She was my English teacher and since the very first day we met, I felt a special alchemy between us. She had an exceptional way of teaching. As a student far away from home, I felt uncomfortable as I was a very shy person. Kirstyn put me at ease however, allowing me to express myself and open myself up to the other students. I was twenty years old and I was searching for myself, my path of life... and she helped me to find myself.

I only stayed three months in Los Angeles, and have travelled a lot since, but Kirstyn has always stayed in my heart.When I learned that she was writing a book, I was very excited.
Excited to read it but also excited for her, because I knew how much writing meant to her. I was also intrigued by the name of her book. 'I Was Cursed in Connecticut' - so mysterious, and even more so as it's a memoir and not a fiction. It's about reality, real facts, about what she lived, her feelings, the people she met and lost. As she says, her memoir is the song of her soul.
"Freedom is speaking your truth, singing the song of your soul" - Kirstyn Lazur.

This book is a mix of reality and the paranormal. It all began when her mother died, Kirstyn was very close to her and was a little lost about her future without her mom around. She decided to go to see a psychic in Connecticut. This psychic convinces her of a curse on her and all the women of her family. Kirstyn follows step by step all the psychic's instructions to cure that curse... but at a cost.

This memoir details every step and instruction Kirstyn took from Marie, the psychic.
After seeing Marie, Kirstyn left Connecticut for California to begin a new life but also with the hope of meeting her soulmate (as the psychic predicted it : "The man who lives by the sea").
She goes on to meet him and fall in love, but the curse always returns to haunt her, to bring trouble to her life and her loved ones' lives.

I honestly felt so tense and scared for her, I felt like I was reading a thriller in some parts of the book.
Kirstyn will do her best to be free from that curse, to stop it and to realise many things about her life, her past. She's a strong woman, and I'm so proud to call her my friend. I was deeply moved by this reading, I couldn't think about anything else after reading it. It was intense, beautiful, and so many emotions came from it. I recommand this book for those who like to read mysteries, but also for its psychology and philosophy elements. This memoir is the kind of book that awakens your soul, awakens your thoughts and makes you re-consider parts of your own life afterward.
It is brilliant and it shows again just how much inner power women have.

I'm happy that Kirstyn is feeling better today and I hope she will continue to write as her talent is undeniable. Her writing is beautiful and I'm keeping her book preciously on my shelves now.
Thank you Kirstyn.

As I'm finishing writing this review with, "There she goes" by The La's is playing in the background.
This is exactly the kind of song that puts a smile on my face, for a happy ending.

You can find 'I Was Cursed in Connecticut' by Kirstyn Lazur on Amazon.

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