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Record Labels

      The departments that make up a Record Label are :
 - The CEO and chairman, who deals with all the business of the record label.
 - Managing Director/ President, focusing on the all direction of the label with the CEO.
 - A&R ( Artists and Repertoire ), in charge of discovering new talent.
 - Label Laison, liaison between the record distribution compagny and the record label, when to release the album.
 - Business, side of the business of the label ( finances... ).
 - New media, deals with the newer aspects of the music business, helps the artist to be present on the social medias, the new technologies...
 - Legal department, contracts with the company and the artist, the record label and other companies.
 - Promotion department, to be sure that the artist is played on the radio, find the best way to sell the artist to the public.
 - Marketing department, marketing plan for every album the label release.
 - Publicity, articles in magazines & newspappers, radio, TV coverage of an artist.
 - Sales, works with the record store and other music stores.

   The Big Four Record Labels are, SONY, Universal Music Group, EMI, Warner Music Group.

 They represent the music sold, more than 75% of the music market depending of the year.
 These big four record offer sometimes distribution to indie labels. The major label helps the indie label to release but they can't say a word about how the label is controlled and the choice of the music.