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Live Performances

       Artists should make people want to listen to their music and come see their shows.
 For the venues, it is only about business, where competition is really rude.
     First of all, the artist(s) has to present their promotional kit to a bookers. A promotional kit contains a biography, a photography of the artist(s), a cover letter, some press clips and a tape/CD of their music.
      An alternative way is to send a demo, the best songs have to be on it. The artist also needs to mark the songs which are the most appropriate for the venue selected.
      An artist can also set up his own show, by this way he will offer real value for money to his public, and the artist can be more creative.
    There are some disadvantages, to set up his own show, it can be very expensive, by the organisation PRS ( Performing Rights Society ) and the local council. The artist will need a Temporary Entertainment Licence.

     When the act gets more established, the artist(s) can be sure that a written contract will be around. The most contested subject is how the artist will be paid. The artist(s) must make money and not lose money.
       The artist(s) have to think about the impact of internet and the social medias, as it can be a great opportunity for the success of their music.

      To make a successful music event, the artist has to consult his costumers as to attract a wide audience in the future. A great advertising will make sure that people will hear about their act. Everything on the offer has to be clear ( which style of music, the price... ).

      And most of all, the artist(s) have to check that all the licences have been made.

     The artist(s) can also tour, and this is the best way to meet fans and attract  some new ones.
To be on tour gives more control to the artist(s), but it also means some costs ( where to stay, transports, equipment... ).