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Artist Management

              What is the role of an artist manager ?

      An artist manager is employed by an artist to expend the artist's career to the maximal potential.
He also takes control of all the business area. This include bills payments, major career decision ( which label to sign with.... ) but also negotiation of contracts.
      The artist manager's role is to deal with everything which may affect his client's career.
The manager can chose the image that the artist should take for the publicity campaigns, select the booking agents and always make sure that payments are processed.

     The artist manager is the representative of the artist for the Business world.

                How much are managers paid ?

     Generally, managers get 15% to 20% of the total earnings.
The manager is allowed to commission some activities such as ( Publishing compagny advances and royalty, MCPS and PRS payments, The record company advances and fees, and the appearances fees : Tv shows, live... ).

     A manager is crucial in building career's artist, so it had to be a well connected person with some major clients/contacts